Location: Crestone, CO
Client: Bill Thompson
Year: 1992
Size: 3,952 S.F.

The Lindisfarne Sanctuary was partially completed in the 1980s by British Architect Keith Critchlow and Dr. Thompson, with its floor, lighting, heating and base having been left unfinished. We completed the sanctuary using principles of sacred geometry, which are in keeping with the design traditions of the Lindisfarne Association. We chose a double radiating spiral design for the floor’s earthen colored brick, reminiscent of the American sunflower’s seed pattern. To “ground” the pre-existing wooden dome above, we used local granite stone to create a seating bench around the interior perimeter of the space. The client’s 300 year old Spanish American millstone was placed in the center of the Sanctuary as a focus for meditation. The Sanctuary is used primarily for group and individual meditation and is located within a developing mountain religious community.