Location: Manuelito, NM
Client: NM DOT
Year: 2006
Size: 8000 S.F.

This Visitor Center building offers state of the art traveler information and good old fashioned New Mexican hospitality to incoming visitors to our State. Our team provided new truck, bus and car parking areas, new on- and off-ramps and new drainage structure designs. Photovoltaic and wind powered turbine electric systems generate 20% of the facility’s electrical needs. The Manuelito Visitor Center building design reflects New Mexico’s Native American Heritage and its 22 Tribes and Pueblos.  This is seen in the 22 divisions of the hallway ceilings, which are in turn unified in the central 11 (1/2 of 22) sided skylight covered visitor information center. The plan of the building is a circle and refers to the sacred  Native American Kiva form.